Marketing and Sales

In Australia, we tailor our field sales to suit individual cutomer and channel needs, with purpose-built field sales teams satisfying the majority of major national retail chains, independent supermarkets and more than 3000 pharmacies. A similar selling and merchandising structure is adopted for the New Zealand market.

Achieving specialist recognition for the categories we operate in requires a significant marketing focus from McPherson’s.

A team of marketing specialists located in McPherson’s Sydney head office leads the way in strategy and new product development for Australia and overseas.

Localised marketing staff in each country is our key to ensuring that brand values and strategies are consistently achieved, while also having the ability to meet the specific local needs of both the consumer and customer.

McPherson’s Consumer Products has experienced sales teams across the region working with key retailers. Separate high-calibre teams service each channel, tailoring product and merchandising arrangements.

This team strategy, coupled with the strategy of optimising space efficiency and profitability through space planning technology and McPherson’s extensive knowledge and experience of managing non-food categories, allows us to meet individual retailers’ requests effectively and efficiently.

Excellence in visual presentation, new product distribution, technical product advice and recommendation and in store activation are our specialties, with industry achievement awards commonplace in both Australia and New Zealand.

McPherson’s marketing strategies are focused, well-resourced and effective.