Hair and grooming gear for the urban guy

MooseHead™ is an exciting range of hair and grooming products for the urban guy: easy to use, holds for all hair types, and with the best aromas.

The idea of the MooseHead™ range is to be fun and entertaining while giving guys a quality product that is on-trend, not just 'gel in a tube'. MooseHead™ strives to provide our guys with new and exciting products, while ensuring we don’t sacrifice quality. We're proud of our Australian heritage: in Australia MooseHead™ products can be bought in leading supermarkets and pharmacies. Like all good Aussies we get around a bit, and can also be found in the UK and Iceland.

We are proud to be the #1 sculpting brand in Australian supermarkets, and take seriously our commitment to give guys the unfair advantage in the mating game: so style up, and game on! 

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