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Happy Flora

Happy Flora takes a light-hearted approach to real conditions, bringing a new and different energy to what can be a sensitive category. We created a brand that champions the importance of health starting from the inside.

Happy Flora offers a holistic approach to everyday support of digestive health. Our range of products with functional ingredients helps you maintain good gut health. Inspired by the natural goodness of healthy plant-based ingredients, two key ingredients across all products in the range are Senna and Inulin.


We come from a time and place when things were made right, to perfection. An era where style was about setting yourself apart from the pack. The ways men express themselves is constantly evolving, and so are we.

Style changes but our attitude of getting things done honestly has not budged. Because when you're Birmingham proud, you're proud of your roots. You're all about putting your best foot forward - and looking the part while you get it done.

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Oriental Botanicals

Established in 1999, Oriental Botanicals is Australia’s leading provider of supplements based on traditional herbal ingredients to pharmacies around the country – proudly made in Australia.

At Oriental Botanicals, we create supplements that draw on the unique insights of herbal medicine traditions from around the world, including Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine (the traditional medicine of India) and Western herbalism, as practiced in Europe, North America and the United Kingdom.

Fusion Health

Fusion Health combines traditional herbal ingredients from around the world with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to bring you Australian-made products that are a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern medicine.

At Fusion Health, we’re inspired by nature and driven by a deep respect for the time-proven wisdom that underpins traditional Chinese medicine and the centuries-old practices of herbal medicine from all corners of the globe.

The concept of balance that’s central to traditional Chinese medicine is at the core of everything we do.


Find out why 91% of maseur® wearers would buy maseur® again.

It’s a tough life for our feet: Work, lifestyle and even weight can cause sore, tired feet. Give your feet some relief and revive your body with maseur®.

Available in the classic Invigorating nodules, or the Gentle cork lined sandals.

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Pure, authentic and beautifully aromatic  Australian haircare crafted without parabens, sulfates, artificial colours or fragrances.

Dr. LeWinn's

At Dr. LeWinn's we use our expertise to create clinically proven skincare products, for all women. We understand that skin is one of our most vital assets and it is constantly changing throughout every life stage. Whether that be due to age, lifestyle or even the environment. We use scientific ingredients and formulas to create cutting edge products that really work, giving you skincare that is comparable to professional treatments.


Turn your nails around with Revitanail, the expert in hand and nail care. With an extensive range of products which restore nails and cuticles back to good health, you can be sure Revitanail has a solution for all your nail care needs.

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