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Dr. LeWinn's

Dr. LeWinn's is the No. 1 Australian Cosmeceutical brand in pharmacy* with over 25 years experience and expertise in anti-ageing skincare. 

At Dr. LeWinn's, we understand that our skin is our most vital asset and it is constantly changing throughout every life stage. Changing skin however is not just about anti-ageing; it is dependant on a number of factors such as hormone levels, life style and environmental elements that can all attribute to change. 


Turn your nails around with Revitanail, the expert in hand and nail care. With an extensive range of products which restore nails and cuticles back to good health, you can be sure Revitanail has a solution for all your nail care needs.

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Lady Jayne

We believe true style starts with you. Taking inspiration from the latest trends, we continue to move forward and evolve. With Lady Jayne, you can be surethat you will always look great and feel confident, effortlessly.


With over 70 years of timeless style in the spotlight, Eylure provides high quality and innovative eye beauty for everyone.