Sustainability at McPherson’s

Sustainability is a complex, multifaceted topic and no two businesses will, or should, approach it in the same way. We utilise the Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) approach to help us design a path forward to becoming a sustainable, and eventually regenerative organisation.

We have a long way to go, as a company and a society, so we have developed a strategy to use as our road map, guiding us as we play our part in the transition through the Decade of Action.


01. The climate crises
GHG emissions
Climate change vulnerability
02. Packaging material and waste

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01. Supply chain labour standards
02. Diversity & Inclusion
03. Opportunities in nutrition and health
04. Social responsibility

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01. Sustainable growth
02. Business ethics
03. Reporting on progress

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In May 2021 we announced the outcomes of our Operational Review, which resulted in four key strategic pillars.

These pillars, underpinned by our purpose and values drive our Sustainability Strategy, which captures our principles,
commitments, and overall approach to sustainability. Access our Sustainability Strategy below:

Sustainability Strategy